Assalaam Aleykum,

Very soon, we will be publishing the translation of the long-awaited English version of the book into Arabic, by Professor Abdallah Said Bujra Al-Nahdi, which was published in 1970. Titled "Stratification of a South Arabian (Huraidha) town in Hadhramaut."

The Arabic version will soon be printed and published by Dar Markaz Tarim for studies & publications in coordination with the Hadhramaut Research Centre, 
and translated by the able author of many translations on Hadhramaut, Mr Najib Said Bawazir and designed by the artist, Said Abdulhamid Barahim.
Introductions in the book have been contributed by the author,  Mr Muhammad Bin-Dohry, Chairman, Board of Trustees of HRC and Dr Saddiq Maknoon,  a Director in HRC.

It is worthy to note that the Hadhramaut Research Centre (HRC) in Mukalla was established in December, 2013 by Professor Abdallah Said Bujra Al-Nahdi & Muhammad Mbarak Bin-Dohry in cooperation with Al Ahgaaf University represented by its President, Professor Abdallah Baharoon & his Deputy Dr Saddiq Maknoon. 
The HRC had produced its first publication " Hadhramaut and its Diaspora- Yemeni Politics, Identity & Migration " published by IB Taurus. June 2018, in English and translated & published into Arabic in March 2019.

Muhammad Bin-Dohry 

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