Some Hadhrami personalities (Past & Present) in Kenya

Some Hadhrami personalities (Past & Present) in Kenya

who contributed to their community and blended into local societies and made a difference.
Those listed include emigrants, first, second,third & earlier generations of Hadhramis in Kenya.
Mombasa, Nairobi, Kitui, & other towns                                               Activity
The late Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shatry
Member of the Kenya Legislative
Assembly, Businessman
The late Sayyid Abdulrahman A. Al-Shatry
Mombasa – Sea Port Manager
The late Sayyid Ahmed Mashhoor Al Haddad
Islamic Scholar
The late Sayyid Abdullah Mohammed Bin Ageel
The late Sayyid Ali Ahmad Badawy Jamaluleyl
Founder Hadhrami Assoc.(1940’s)

Chief Kadhi of Kenya
The late Sayyid Abdulkadir Bin Ismail
Islamic preacher
The late Sayyid Salim Omar Al-Attas
Auctioneer & Community Elder
The late Sheikh Amer Bin Abry Al-Nahdy
Businessman & Community Elder
The late Sh. Amer Bin Neheid Al Nahdy
Businessman/Community Elder &
Imam- Masjid Al Noor
The late Sh. Saleh Mbarak Bin Shahbal
Businessman & Community Elder
The late Al Haj Said Bin-Daghar
President: Hadhrami Youth Club
The late Sheikh Salmin Bin Awadh Al Amry
Arabic teacher & founder of
the Arab Youth Scouts
The late Sh. Mbarak Mahfudh Bin-Dohry
Businessman/Community Elder, President Arab Welfare Society, Hadhrami League, United Arab Club, & VP Hadhrami Youth Club
The late Sh. Abubakar Mohammed Al – Zubeidy
Businessman,Community Elder
The late Sh. Salim Abubaker Bajaber (Kitui)
The late Sh. Ahmed Bin Zein (Nairobi)
Businessman, Community Elder
The late Mr Ali Mohammed Bin Yumen
Community Leader, Kitui
The late Sh. Ahmed Abdulhadi Al Timimi
Community Elder
The late Sh. Abdullah Mohammed Al- Zubeidy
The late Sh. Abdullah Said Al-Zubeidy
Coffee Exporter, Philanthropist &
Community Leader
The late Sh. Hassan Omar Bin Sherman Al Nahdy
Businessman/Political activist
The late Sh. Salim Bura’n Basmeir
Businessman & Community Elder.
The late Mr. Said Saleh Bin Shahbal
Former Mombasa Municipal Councillor, Foreign Affairs-Aden,PDRY
The late Professor Said Hamdun Basalim
University Lecturer /also served at the Arab League, Nairobi Office
The late Sh. Ahmeb Bin Taib Bajaber
Businessman, Community Elder
The late Mr Ahmed Saddiq Basaddiq
Former Deputy Mayor of Mombasa
The late Dr Abdalla Saleh Buran Basmeir
Medical practitioner – Mombasa
The late Mr Saleh Salim Bin Abdisheikh
The late Mohammed Ali Bafagih
Post Master
Former Co.Sec. Electricity Corp. Aden,PDRY.Partner Mbuyuni Coca-Cola Distributors, Mombasa
The late Mr Saleh Awadh Al-Timimi
The late Abdulaziz Salim Bajaber
Salesman & Musician
The late Said Karama Al-Owaiti (Zarina)The late Hon. Sharif Nasir Abdalla Taib
Supervisor Kenya Ports AuthorityKenya Cabinet Minister
Professor Ahmed Idha Salim
Former University lecturer/served as Kenya’s Ambassador to Sweden and  a  Commissioner on drafting Kenya’s New Constitution
Dr.Said N. Silim (PhD)
Director, Eastern and Southern Africa- International Crops Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics.
Sheikh Mahfudh Mohammed Bawazir
Former Broadcaster: Sauti ya Mvita-Arabic Service
Mr Mohammed Khamis Bakhressa
Former Broadcaster BBC World Service-London & Nairobi. Information Officer British Embassy, Riyadh
Mr Khalid Omar Yumen Bin Daghar
Former Mombasa Municipal Councillor/British Trade Office, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia
Dr Salha Jeizan (Teacher)
Represents Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel, Canada
Sh.Ali Bin Taib Bajaber
Businessman & Community
Mr Omar Salim Basaddiq
Former: Member of the Kenya
Legislative Assembly/Mombasa
Municipal Council . Broadcaster:
Journalist –Saudi Arabia
Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Bawazir
Businessman, Philanthropist
Sh.Salim Ahmed Taib Bajaber
Hon. Salim Mohammed Balala
Former Nominated Member of Parliament, Asst. Minister of Finance.
Sh. Awadh Saleh Sherman al-Nahdi
Mr Salim Mbarak Bin-Dohry
Dr. Farouq(Omar) Saleh Sherman
Former Central Bank Manager, Senior Bank Consultant Hadhramaut, Yemen
Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Bayusuf
Mr. Suleiman Said Saleh Shahbal
Leading Banker/2012 candidate,
for Governorship of Mombasa
Mr Mbarak Said Al Jaedy
Mr Harith Saleh M. Bin-Shahbal
 Former Mombasa Councillor &
Kenya Football Association Official
Former Mombasa Municipal Councillor
Haj Awadh Bashamakh
Former Senior Banker (Barclays)
Mr Abubakar Zein
Leading Civil Society Leader, Activist
Dr. Fuwad Abdallah Hateyan Al Nahdi
Hon.Said Hemed Said Bathaf
Former Member of Parliament, Chief Whip & Kenya’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Hon Najib Mohammed Balala
Current Member of Parliament , Former : Minister for Tourism &
Mayor of Mombasa 
Hon. Mohammed Abdullah Zubeidy
Former East African Legislative Assembly member/Entrepreneur
Sayyid Aidarus Bafagih
Former Mombasa Municipal Council,Official
Eng. Omar Faraj Al-Kizeem
Major (Rtd)Twalib Mbarak Bin-Saad
Former Engineer E.Africa Railways./Consultant
Former Major Kenya Army. Security & Integrity Manager, Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd (KenGen)
Eng.Mohammed Omar Bajaber
Former Engineer Ministry of Works
Sayyid Taha Al Haddad
Former Customs Officer
Captain Omar Salim Bajaber
Honorary Norwegian Counsel-Mombasa
Mr Feisal Hassan Sherman Al Nahdi
Businessman/ Philanthropist
Mr Amer Swaleh Al-Saiary
Mr Taib Ali Taib Bajaber
Lawyer/Former Mayor of Mombasa
Mr Nabhan Swaleh
Lawyer -Nabhan Advocates,
Mr Twalib Ali Hateyan al-Nahdi
Businessman & Philanthropist
Mr Ali Islam Ali Bashamakh
Eng. Abdalla S. Al-Maery
Mr Shukry Baramade
Mr Nassir Bahakam Al-Mashjari
Freight Forwarding/Trustee
Sh. Zayed Childcare Centre-MSA.

Chairman, Kenya Ports Authority
Mr Omar Salim Bamehriz
Mr Omar Salim Bamhayan
Mr Saleh Said Al-Shimasy
Mr Mohamed Badawy Al Husseiny
Owner Al-Shimasy Travel Agency
CEO & Board Member: Aabar
Investments- Dubai
Mr Said Mbarak Al-Digeil
CEO in a Dubai investment group
Mr  Abdulla Bin Silim
Advisor in BMG (investment group) Canada
Mr Fuad Salim Bin Taher Al-Nahdi
Director, Radical Middle Way (UK)
Mr Said Al Abd Karama
Former Senior Immigration Officer
Mr Omar Abdalla Thabit Al Nahdi
Former Senior Customs Officer
Mr Abdulkadir Al Abd Hubess
Former Broadcaster, Mombasa & Saudi Arabia
Mr Salim Khamis Bakhressa
Publisher of “Kamusi” Swahili dictionary
Mr Khamis Ali Hamdan
Former Broadcaster,Trade Union & Political activist
Prof.Mohammed Bakari Assagaaf
University Lecturer,Kenya & Istanbul-Turkey,
Mr Abdallah Agil Bin Eshag
Financial Controller-NORCONSULT-Saudi Arabia
Mr Omar Bakran Bamatraf
Manager, Mawaddah International Group,KSA
Mr Shaaby Said Salim Bajaber
Director, Gulf African Bank
Mr Salem Said Al-Kindi
Telecommunications Consultant (UK)
Mr Mohammed Khamis Hamdan
Kenya Airways Pilot
Mr Fawzi Muhammad Bin-Dohry
Mr Mbarak Muhammad Bin-Dohry
IT Consultant-Xpsolutions, Canada
IT Engineer – Heathrow Airport(UK)
The late Sh. Omar Bin Dahman Al Amoudi
Businessman & Community Elder
The late Sheikh Swaleh Bujra Al Nahdi
Businessman & Community Elder
The late Mr Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Amoudi
Official African Development Bank
Dr Abdullah Naji Said
Nairobi University
Mr. Salim Bakhashwen
Mr. Mahdi Saleh Mahdi
Mr. Salim Al-Amudi
Dr. Naji A. Said
Dr. Mohamed Abdalla Baasba
Hon. Abubakar Badawi Jamaluleyl
Former Kenya MP – for Malindi
Mr. Mohamed Salim Timimi
Mr Saleh Bader Al-Nahdi
Professor Abdalla Bujra al-Nahdi
University Professor – in African,
European and American Universities
Late Sayyid A.Rahman Bin Swaleh Badawy (Khitami)
Late Sheikh Faraj Basharaheel
(Bwana Mkuu)
Islamic preacher and ‘Twabib’

Scholar & Historian
Mohammed,Faraj, Anwar & Salim Ahmed Bajbeir
Mr. Abdulaziz Said Bujra al-Nahdi
Former Kenya MP – Lamu West
Mr. Salim Mahdi

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  1. May Allah the almighty grant the dead Jannat and give those who are still living long and healthy life Ameen.

  2. its sad you forgot to mention salim karama bamahfud (shebe) who also was very popular and helped many.

    1. He was known as salim shebe and well known than most of people mentioned above and has served in the arab welfare community and Iam surprised how he was forgotten not to be mentioned in the list above. May Allah grant them all paradise..Amin

    2. We keep all lists open for additions where appropriate. The lists are compiled by the website administrators. We will ensure to add and confirm any details sent to us.

    3. Dear Bajoh, please provide full names and thier activities and their respective areas.

    4. Bajwed family in Garissa

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  4. Swaleh28 December 2017 at 03:33
    Please add:
    Sheikh Said bin Islam Almashjary -As Imam, played a pivotal role in the spread of Islam to indigenous communities of Tana River, Garsen

  5. Mashallah Tabarakallah. Great work, Also please add. The late Alsayyid Alhabib Swaleh Abdulmutwalib Alhiyed Islamic Scholar, Preacher and Community Elder. From Alaynaat Tirim He was well knowned in Mombasa Guraya

  6. The author seems to be concerned and forecasted on the rich and learned personalities only, it looks he didn't have time unfortunatly for the poor who contributed enormously towards the well being of the comunity.

    1. You seem to biased. The author did his own part you don't appreciate the effort!! Send your list or better still produce your own website and compile what you see fit.

  7. Correction.....

  8. You forgot to mention Sheikh Salim Abdallah Bawazir who was a cattle trader and businessman in Kikambala.

  9. Allah awarehemu waliyokwenda mbele ya haki yaraab .

  10. It's amazing , you guys should add the hadhrami personalities in voi the contributed a lot in spreading Islam in taita taveta county like shariff Omar Bafagih and shariff Ali

    1. Also Omar Hassan Omar Alhamdy is not mentioned on the list

    2. Bareshad family none of them were mentioned though Baresheba is on there name.

  11. Nice work MashAllah also Al Marhum 1) Shariff Mohamed bin Alwi Bafagih 2) Shariff Alwi bin Mohamed Bafagih

  12. Mashaallah tabaraka Rahman. So so many who had a very productive contribution to the community are still left out on the list. Will be good if admins can top up. Baraka Llah fiykum