Al Rahmah Co-operative Hospital in Mukalla

Greetings to all from Hadhramaut. 

I visited a new project (a local initiative) in Mukalla - The newly built Al Rahmah Co-operative Hospital, on Thursday night 28 March. 

What I saw gives hope that there are still good people among us. I was shown around the various emergency, outpatient clinics, & pharmacy on the ground floor with brand new Chinese medical equipment. Local doctors operate it voluntarily. It offers the localcommunity with extraordinary services. 

They are continuing to get funding to build up other floors to house in patients departments. 

They are also short of some medical equipment which is locally available at reasonable cost and with maintenance provided. I will be looking for funding for the medical equipment and medicines from well wishers from the Diaspora. 

This is a highly recommended and impressive self help project, run by qualified young men of good standing within the community. 

Muhammad Bin-Dohry

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