Wadi Hadhramout International School - Seiyun

Wadi Hadhramout International School - Seiyun

Greetings from Mukalla !
The situation in Hadhramaut and perhaps the whole country cannot be worse than what I am witnessing. It just cannot be left to get much worse to get better.

People are just exasperated and not in a position to confront or do anything. The young used by political affiliations who instigate them to disrupt normal life in protests by burning tyres and keeping people away from going about their daily lives.

The Yemeni Rial has reached YR630/612  to the US$ and YR164 to the Saudi Rial which is quoted & preferred for any dealings here. Both currencies keep fluctuating daily.

Poverty is visible everywhere you go. Electricity disruptions very frequent & common for hours day and night. Gasoline is always a problem, long ques of cars are noticed daily for hours waiting to top up.
Everyone is pessimistic on any kind of progress or improvement on the situation or for a political solution.

Streets are chaotic and unkempt. There is just NO government in existence. Corruption is very common with horror stories on those in power.

The private Seiyun school project (in the picture attached) will be inaugurated on 25 September.
Next year another IGCSE international school in Tareem should take off as well.
For those who can do something however small for the country, is best to proceed without involving government.

Best wishes to all.

Muhammad Bin-Dohry - Mukalla.
11 September 2018 

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