Gulf of Aden Security Review - October 21, 2015

Yemen: ISIS Wilayat Hadramawt joins anti-Israel media blitz; Saudi Brig. Gen. Asiri says military operations will continue; pro-al Houthi forces shell civilian neighborhoods in Taiz; coalition airstrikes target al Houthi sites in Ma’rib

Yemen Security Brief
  • The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) Wilayat Hadramawt media office released a video on October 19 encouraging Palestinians to attack Israelis. ISIS Wilayat Hadramawt is the first Yemeni ISIS affiliate to participate in ISIS’s current anti-Israel media blitz.[1] 
  • Saudi-led coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri stated on October 21 that the coalition will continue its military operations in Yemen in the absence of an official political resolution. Asiri said that ceasing operations at this time would be “premature.” The coalition-backed Yemeni government has agreed to participate in UN-led peace talks at the end of this month.[2]
  • Militias loyal to the al Houthis and former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh fired at least ten Katyusha rockets at residential neighborhoods in Taiz city, central Yemen on October 21. Residents reported a high number of civilian casualties. This attack comes one day after Human Rights Watch released a report condemning al Houthi actions in Taiz. The organization stated that pro-al Houthi forces are illegally confiscating food and medical supplies from civilians, as well as indiscriminately shelling civilian areas. Human Rights Watch noted that reckless or intentional attacks on civilians constitute war crimes under international law.[3]
  • The Saudi-led coalition conducted ten airstrikes on pro-al Houthi positions in near Ma’rib city in Ma’rib governorate, central Yemen on October 21. A coalition-backed effort to push the al Houthis out of Ma’rib governorate stalled following an al Houthi counterattack this week

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