Hadhramaut Medical Aid 2014

Hadhramaut Medical Aid 2014                                   15 November 2014
We are grateful to all our donors for coming forward this year in aid of their poor brethren in the homeland. The following amounts were collected this year from London and Saudi Arabia. Although limited than previous years we hope 2015 will hold more hope on collections from the diaspora.
GBP 500 From MENARC UK                                                   YR 174,500.00
SR 8000 Collected by our co-ordinator in KSA                    YR  457,900.00
                                                                                    YR  632,400.00

Distributed to the following:
Hadhramaut Health Foundation                                             YR 100,000.00
Al Noor Clinic, Mukalla  (old town)                                         YR 100,000.00
Al Hayah Clinic (Dees Mukalla)                                                YR   80,000.00
Al Qatin Hospital                                                                         YR  80,000.00
Al Saddiq Clinic (Fuwah, Mukalla)                                            YR  81,220.00
Charitable Heart Foundation                                                    YR  91,180.00
Autism School   (payment made direct)  **                          
YR 100,000.00 TOTAL Medicines purchased and distributed                        YR 632,400.00 
** The funds paid to the Autism School in Fuwah, Mukalla will go towards aiding the upkeep of the children at the school to cater for poor children's needs. The children mainly get sponsored by individual donors from the Gulf.

I take this opportunity to thank all our donors for their generous contributions and may Allah bless them all for the good cause. Jaz'akum Allah Kheyr.

I also thank my two kind co-ordinators  Abdallah Bin Eifan in Jeddah and Khalid Salim in Mukalla for their tireless efforts for the cause over the past years.

Muhammad Bin-Dohry

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