Yemen violence could threaten global security, warns Kingdom

Arab News:
29 September 2014 
Under a security annexe to the accord, Houthis had been expected to leave Sanaa in return for their inclusion in the new government. To date they remain in place.
Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the UN General Assembly that hopes for an end to the crisis had been wrecked by the Houthis’ failure to honor the deal.
“The lack of implementation of the security annexe of the agreement and the lack of implementation of the agreement itself in the required manner by the Houthi group has dashed these hopes,” he said, according to Reuters. “Yemen faces accelerating and extremely dangerous conditions that require us all to look and propose the necessary solutions to confront these unprecedented challenges.”
Prince Saud said Yemen’s violence “will no doubt extend to threaten stability and security on the regional and international arena that could prove difficult to put down regardless of the resources and  efforts that may be exerted.”

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