Hadhramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC) Statement

Hadramout Tribes Confederacy
Press Release 15 January 2014 English Edition
Call issued by the participants in the forty-day period commemoration ceremony of the Martyr Saad Bin Hibreesh and his fellow martyrs
We, the leaders and chiefs of the Hadramout Tribes Confederacy and the representatives of the political and civil constituents and all the people of Hadramout in desert and town who participated in the forty-day period commemoration ceremony of Martyr Saad Bin Hibreesh and his fellow martyrs on Tuesday, the 14th of January 2014 A.D. in Gail Bin Yameen, send out this call to the ruling authorities, the oil companies working in Hadramout in the exploration, production and export of oil, the ambassadors of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the International Security Council, Mr. Jamal Bin Omar, the representatives of the European Union and legal and civil organisations. This call comprises the following messages:
1. We affirm that the demands submitted by Hadramout Tribes Confederacy in its declarations on the 4th of July and the 10th of December, 2013, are demands for legitimate rights according to the Islamic and international laws and the human rights document. Such demands were publicly acknowledged by the local and central ruling authorities, and the brother, President of the Republic, has directed the speedy implementation thereof. Unfortunately, however, we have not seen up till today any implementation of even our simplest demands. Instead, what we have actually seen was continuation of the amassing of troops on Gail Bin Yameen Plateau and in the cities of Hadramout with the army and central security forces continuing their aggression on the desert tribes and the people of the cities throughout the whole of Hadramout, which led to the death and injury of many people and the damage and destruction of many homes. This in addition to the intensive efforts by the authorities in buying off people’s consciences and dividing the people of Hadramout for the purpose of weakening Hadramout Tribes Confederacy and shirking and evading the implementation of their commitments.
2. We hereby affirm that the people of Hadramout as a whole have commenced their popular uprising on the 20th of December, 2013 under the leadership of Hadramout Tribes Confederacy and they will not stop until all their demands have been met and when they have achieved full control of their land and resources. This popular uprising will be escalated using all available means until all objectives have been achieved. At the same time we warn that the delay and procrastination in the implementation of these demands accompanied with the continuing aggressions against the peaceful people of Hadramout in desert and town have forced our youth to respond to these aggressive acts and led at the same time to the creation of tension spots and to military encounters in many areas of Hadramout close to oilfields and in several Hadramout towns. Such things can lead to escalation and to the spread of fires both horizontally and vertically that cannot be brought under control and thus become a dangerous factor leading to instability and lack of security in Hadramout, the whole area and the regional and international arena.
3. We call upon all the people of Hadramout in desert and town to stand united under the banner of Hadramout Tribes Confederacy and to continue their blessed popular uprising until all objectives have been achieved with no exceptions whatsoever. We also call everyone to work, in his own territory and in coordination with the Confederacy leadership, for the control of the military points and the dismantling of all military camps in the cities and also to lay siege to oil companies’ sites and stop any supplies to them and bring their work to a complete halt.
4. We call upon all oil companies to implement Hadramout Tribes Confederacy demands and stop their work of exploration, production and export until all the Confederacy’s demands have been met. We also warn them that the rightful owner of these resources are the people of Hadramout and they must take this principle into consideration in order to avoid being subject to reprisals if they continue to ignore the demands of the people in whose land they are conducting their work.
5. We call upon all ambassadors of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Security Council, the European Union, the representatives of legal and civil organisations and the correspondents of different local, regional and international media to broadcast the facts and apply pressure on the ruling authorities in Sanaa so that they meet the legitimate demands of the people of Hadramout submitted by the Confederacy in order to avoid any dangers or threats to the stability and security in Hadramout, the whole region and the world at large, for the people of Hadramout are determined to struggle for the achievements of all their legitimate and legal right by all means at their disposal.
Issued by the participants in the forty-day period commemoration ceremony of Martyr Saad Bin Hibreesh and his fellow martyrs

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