SOME HADHRAMI PERSONALITIES (PAST & PRESENT) IN TANZANIA, PART II,  who contributed to their community and blended into local societies and made a difference. Unlike the First Generation, the Second Generation engaged not only in business – as their predecessors – but also in politics & religious activities. Most of this generation attained the basic secondary school education with only a few reaching the University level. However, it is in the Third Generation that we see many reaching the University level in various fields.

Second Generation (Born in Tanzania or arrived from Hadhramaut).  Compiled by Abdallah Bin Eifan, Salem Balleith & Dr. Fouad Hassa’n

Above: Mr. Mabrook Ayedh Bin Eifan with the late President Nyerere
The Second Generation                        
Mr. Mabrook Ayedh Bin     Eifan, 
Businessman, Community Leader of  the Central Region since the late fifties. Consultant to the ruling party in the Central Region. Whenever the late President Nyerere visited Dodoma, he would be at the airport to greet him (as shown in the photo above). When then Tanganyika attained its independence, Mr. Mabrook was invited to the State House to greet President Nyerere (as seen in the photo above)Now in his eighties, the Mzee Mabrook is still active.
The late Mr. Saleh Abdallah Badhyab
Self-employed. Migrated to Aden in 1964 and then to Saudi Arabia. He passed away in Tanzania at the age of  75. Nicknamed: “Tatrawanu.”)
The late Mr. Saleh Ahmed Bin  Madhi
Migrated to Saudi Arabia in the early sixties. Worked as a Travel Agent. He retired and passed away in Tanzania in 2012 at age 77.  (Nicknamed: “cheers”)
The late Mr. Salaama         Ahmed Bin Abri
Migrated from Tanzania to Saudi Arabia in the early sixties. Worked with Zahid Tractors, Jeddah. He retired and passed away in Tanzania.
The Lates Messrs. Mbarak & Salmin  Mohamed Bin Eifan
Migrated from Tanzania to Hadhramaut in 1964 and then to Saudi Arabia. Worked with Shobokshi Company and Gazzaz for perfumery in Jeddah, respectively.
The late Mr. Salim Saleh   Awadh Balhaboo
  Kimamba       Morogoro
Livestock dealer.
Mr. Ghalib Omar    Ahmed Aubathani
The late Mr. Ali S. Faraj Bin Najjar
Restaurateur, (Nicknamed “Ali Mbuzi”)
The late Mr. Fuad Salim Bin Thabit
  Msowero,      Jeddah
The late Mr. Ali Mohamed Bin Eifan
Migrated to Hadhramaut and to Aden in 1965 and then to Jeddah in 1967. He then moved to London in 1977, then back to Tanzania & then to Cairo where he passed away in 2010 at the age of 63.
The late Mr. Saleh Barawas Al-kathiri

Mohammad Mbarak Nahdi



Restaurateur, businessman. He passed away in South Africa.

Studied in the U.K. Worked with the Saudi Airlines in Jeddah for many years then returned to Tanzania to run his family sugarcane plantations and businesses.

Sheikh Aref Mbarak Al-Nahdi
Founder, Trustee & Chairman of the Islamic Foundation, Morogoro.
1 Owns Radio Imaan fm. which is broadcasting from Morogoro as well as TV Imaan.                                                                 2.Built and run over 400 mosques                           3.Taking care of more than 300 Orphans.          4. Built & Run 7 schools                               5.Ma’ahad al Imaan                                                 6. Dug over 700 water well                            7.Built & run 2 Dispensaries.
Below: Sheikh Aref is seen with the Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.
Sheikh Said Ahmed Bin Abri
Founder and Chairman of Dhi Nureyn Islamic Foundation, Iringa.
1 Owns Radio Qiblatein fm which is broadcasting from Iringa. Participating actively in the  TV Africa.                                              2.Built and run mosques & orphanages.      3.Built & run schools & hospitals.           4.Housing widows & elders                             5.Dug water wells, Distributing ‘iftaar’ in Ramadhan to thousands of people.   6.Translating Islamic books into Kiswahili        7. Appointed by the Islamic Development  Bank, Jeddah, as the official distributor of  ‘Hajj Adh’hiya meat’  in Tanzania (See also photos below.)
                    Sheikh Said Ahmed Bin Abri is seen above greeting the Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abdallah Al-Saud (son of the Saudi King Abdallah) when he last visited Tanzania. Seated in the middle is the ex-president of Tanzania Al-Hajj Ali Hassan Mwinyi.
                           Prince AbdulAziz Bin Abdallah Al-Saud and Sheikh Said Bin Abri. 
                            The late Dr. Omar Juma (Tanzania’s First Vice President) and Sh. Said Bin Abri
                  Tanzanian president Kikwete and Sheikh Said Bin Abri.

Sheikh Said Salim Awadh Bakhressa

 Zanzibar, D’Salaam

AZAM – Grain milling, corporate finance, passenger sea transportation, plastic packaging, marketing, polypropylene bags, other branches of engineering field, food industry, drinking water, etc. Sh. Said is the founding father and the Chairman of the Bakhressa Group Of Companies. A well known businessman.(Supposed to be the wealthiest Hadhrami in Tanzania).

Mr. Abdallah Munif Bin Kleb


Among the wealthiest Hadhramis in TZ.  Owns petrol stations in Tanzania & Malawi. Owns Camel Oil, transport, etc.

Sh. Saleh Salim Bathawab

D’Salaam, Aden, Nairobi, Arusha.

Industrialist and businessman. Owns a large modern poultry farm in Arusha. Also owns factories in Yemen. (Among the wealthiest Hadhramis from TZ).

Mr. Muhammad Salim Bathawab

D’Salaam, Aden, Jeddah

Businessman, Ex-Director of the then Al-Ahgaaf Company, Jeddah.

The late Mr. Saleh Awadh Gafzan

Kimamba, Magole

Merchant & Floor-milling

Mr. Ali Saleh Balhaboo

Kimamba, D’Salaam

Owns petrol stations & plastic factory as well as cashew nuts farm & livestock.

Dr. Muhammad Abdallah Saqqaf



Medical Practitioner (ex-Makerere University)

Dr  Amer Ali Bin Zoo         


 Medical Practitioner

Mr. Salim Abdallah Al Kithiry


General Trading

Mr. Abdallah Abeid  Dhiyebi


Owns a bakery & a laundry, Muslim activist.

Abdallah T.Bin Huweil


Commercial Transporter

Mr.Omar Islam Bin Eifan


General Merchant

Mr Abdallah Islam Eifan


Cargo Transporter

Sayyid Mohammed Alwy Al Shatry


Restaurateur & Travel Agent.

Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed Hass’an


Goldsmith & general trading

Mr Idha Awad Bin Kleib


Flour Mills, Petrol Stations & transport

Mr. Ahmed Bin Taher

D’Salaam, Jeddah

Salesman in TZ. Migrated to Saudi Arabia in the early seventies. (Nicknamed “Ahmed Pepsi.”)

The late Mr. Salim Bin Taher

Mombasa, D’Salaam

Salesman in TZ. Livestock Dealer and meat supplier. (Nicknamed “Salim Sunlight”).

Mr. Ali Ahmed Said Balhaboo


Manager of the petroleum section of Abood Company.

The late Mr. Yahya Bin Husun Al-Kathiri


Merchant, Manzese, D’Salaam. (nicknamed: “Bin Kuddeh.”)

The late Mr.Said Karama


Secondary School Teacher

Mr. Ahmed O. Bawazir

Kimamba, Morogoro

Employee. He also assists in da’awa activites.

Mr. Ahmed O.Aubathani


Ex-Restaurateur. Now merchant.

MrSaleh A. Lahmadi,

 D’Salaam, Jeddah


Mr. Saleh Gas’aan Aubathani,

Tanga, Jeddah, D’Salaam

Worked with the British Bank, Jeddah, then returned to Tanzania. Dealer in spare parts.

Mr. Aref Ahmed Ergan


Self employed after returning from Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Salem Balleith

Jeddah, Mwanza

Chartered Certified Accountant (UK), Ex-Chief Financial Officer  SEDCO. Previously, Acting Senior Vice President of the Financial Investments Group. Also held Senior management positions with the Savola Group of Companies as Head of Internal Audit, and GM Special Projects. Ex-president of the Tanzanians in Saudi Arabia. Now semi-retired in TZ.

Mr. Abdallah Bin Eifan

Mukalla, Aden, Romania, Jeddah

Swahili Poet since 1963. Ex-Member of the Tanzania Poets’Association (now known asUKUTA – Usanifu wa Kiswahili na Ushairi Tanzania). Left Tanzania in 1965 and now living in Jeddah since 1971. Still writing Swahili poems for Swahili website: www.alhidaaya.comand to Radio Imaan, Morogoro. 

Mr. Abdallah Tamimi

Mwanza, Sana’a

Deputy General Manager, Yemen General Insurance Company, he migrated from Tanzania to Yemen several decades ago.

Mr. Ahmed Tamimi

Bangkok, Jeddah.

Worked in Bangkok, Thailand for several years then returned to Jeddah where he worked for FINE tissues company. 

Mr. Ali Tamimi

Jeddah, D’Salaam

Worked in Jeddah for many years then moved to Tanzania.

Mr. Mohamed Mabrook Bin Terba’an



Mr.Thabit Omar Mbarak Bin Kleb & brothers Khalid, Said.


Transporters and employees

Mr. Muhammad Mbarak Bin Maksoor and brothers


Joint-venture with Msajili wa Majumba (building constructions), as well as dealers in hardware & electronics.

Mr. Abdallah Bin Faris


Official in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah

Mr. Omar Bin Faris


Worked with Bin Bishir (BB). Now self-employed.

Mr. Ahmed Salim Bahashwan & Brothers


Own more than 5 petrol stations.

Mr. Idha Bin Said Aubathani    


Building Contractor & Muslim Activist (Founder of Ansaar el-Sunna organization).

Sheikh Salim A. Barahiyaan


Muslim activist. LLB Shariah, (Pakistan) LLM Shariah & Law (Saudi Arabia).

Sayyid Abdulqader Al-Ahdal


Muslim activist. Chairman of Al-Hikmah Center for memorizing the holy Qura’an. 

Mr. Mohammed Saleh Bin Kleb


Commercial Transporter. (nicknamed Abu Siggir).

Mr. Aidh Salmin Bin Nhed


Commercial Transporter.

Salim Saleh Bin Ishaq  

Mikumi, Jeddah

Migrated to Saudi Arabia where he became its citizen. Self-employed.

Mr.Mohammed Abdallah Bin Eshag


Passengers’ transporters

Mr. Saleh Abdallah Al-Jabri

Dodoma, Abu Dhabi

Migrated to Abu Dhabi many years ago where he became its citizen. Now retired.

MR. Muhammad Bin Mkhashin


Working with Al-Quraishi company for many years. 

Mr. Said Baawazir


Representing W.A.M.Y. (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) in TanzaniaTranslating Arabic Islamic books into Kiswahili. Owns a Bookshop selling only Islamic books. Also distributor of chiks for Bathawab Poultry of Arusha.

Mr. Muhammad Baawazir


Migrated from TZ. To UK. where he works in a Post Office. He also runs a Madrasa where he teaches Islamic studies. Webmaster of the Swahili Islamic

Lady T. Alhamed

D’Salaam, Canada, AbuDhabi

She is among the first people (who migrated to Canada) to open Islamic Madrassa there teaching Islamic studies. She is now busy translating the holy Qur’an into Kiswahili. She is the founder and owner of the Swahili Islamic .

Mr. Abdurrahman Ibrahim Bubseith


Employee and Muslim activist.

Mr. Abdurrahman Bin Omar Bubseith


Sales Manager – Mitsubishi vehicles 

Mr. Adel Abdallah Al Dhiebi


Roads Contractor

Mr.Badr Jaafar Al Kithiri


Migrated from Somalia to Tanzania. Roads  Contractor and  Agent for Yemenia  Airways.

Mr. Mohamed Islam Saedi & brothers.

Kilosa,   Morogoro.

Passengers transporters, wholesalers, own petrol stations, farmers.

Mr Ghanim Mbarak Bin Nhed


Works with Bin Laden Co.

Mr.Faisal Khamis Lardhi & brothers


General trading.

Mr. Mohsin Saleh Bin Nhed


Owns River View hotel, farmer and general trading.

Mr. Mohamed Saleh Awadh Balhaboo


Owns petrol stations, businessman.

The Late Mr. Abdallah Bin Islam Bin Badar Muhammad


Worked with AL-MISBAHI in the catering section at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah. He passed away in Ethiopia of a heart attack. (Well known by the name of “Abdallah  Nahdi.”

Below: Hon. Mr. AbdulAziz Abood MP. (dressed in green)

Hon.AbdulAziz  Abood


Elected Member of Parliament, Member of the National Executive Council (NEC) In thephoto above, he is seen (dressed in green) surrounded by his supporters.

Hon. Hashim Saqqaf


Elected Member of Parliament

Hon. Ahmed Shibibi


Elected Member of Parliament

Hon.Abdulsalaam Sleiman Bin Amer  


Elected Member of Parliament. Farmer.

Khalid Suleiman Bin Amer & brothers:

Morogoro, D’Salaam

Transporters, merchants, own Gas factory.

Mr. Fauzi M. Abood


Executive Chairman of the holding company: Mohamed Abood & Sons Ltd. Owners of the soap, oil & canvas factories. Passenger and cargo transporters. TV & Radio, Merchants: Retailers and wholesalers, Dairy farming.(Among the wealthy Hadhramis in TZ)   

Mr. Talal M. Abood




Bushman Hunting Safaris Limited Managing Director and CEO. He is a licensed Professional Hunter and a Life Member of Safari Club International. Owns and operates his own hunting concessions located in prime hunting areas in Tanzania.

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