Youth volunteers in Mukalla

محاضرة يوم الخميس ٥ اكتوبر ٢٠٢٣ للمبادرات الشبابية والكيانات التطوعية، وكان لقى مميز و بحضور شباب و شبات لتنمية نشاطهم للمجتمع و التعاون مع اشقاهم بمارب و المحفضات الاخرى في الوطن،

On Thursday 5th October 2023, I attended a forum of youth volunteers in Mukalla. All were eager to engage with society and work for a better understanding with youth in Marib and other provinces. They lack funding and advice to help the needy communities within their areas. They are reaching out to international, regional and other organisations to assist them with achieving tangible results.
Muhammad Bin-Dohry Mukalla. 07/10/2023

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