Catastrophe in the city of Aden - An Urgent Calling!!

We are calling on ALL Humanitarian agencies and friendly nations, organisations to heed the following and offer every possible assistance.

Muhammad Bin-Dohry
18th May 2020.

The city of Aden in Yemen is desperately Calling the World Health Organization and all Health bodies to give an immediate hand in the emerging health disaster it is experiencing now!
The city is suffering from drastically fatal infections; it is being stricken by a number of febrile illnesses including Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, and lately COVID 19.
The number of deaths has been escalating drastically over the last few days. The new emerging infection is showing a very aggressive scenario in the city of Aden. The illness progresses in a matter of 3-5 days to severe respiratory distress and death, and many of those are among people of younger ages.
Moreover, the appearance of this situation immediately following a flood and its contamination with the sewage is alarming and raises many concerns and important questions of other potential cause(s) that are worth investigation and necessitate urgent action as well!
The fatal infection(s) present a real threat to the city, which is already suffering from a complete lack of resources and almost a totally destroyed infrastructure.
Physicians there lack simple protective equipment while being required to provide care to critical COVID 19 patients! This has led to many deaths among physicians while we are still in the first few weeks of the epidemic(s), which is truly another painful hit to the city!
The number of patients is increasing dramatically, and hospitals are unable to provide the simplest care.
It will be a real shame on all world health bodies to remain silent and do nothing towards stopping this rapid annihilation in the city of Aden, a city that is already drowning in all kinds of civil war consequences and poverty tragedies.

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