Visit to Hadhramaut - January 2020, Muhammad Bin-Dohry

Muhammad Bin-Dohry

Salaams from Mukalla. I'm  not sure whether my messages will get to you as yours will reach me a day or two after you despatch them.

This is Yemen when you just feel relieved that the electricity supply has somewhat improved.But something else crops up, now it's the internet cable said to have been damaged in the Red Sea. You get the picture!!

Sometimes the internet is disrupted in Al Mahra or elsewhere.

The population is so used to all the inconveniences and accept their destiny. However those of us who temporarily visit feel we are back into the middle ages!

As soon as the summer heat approaches, then people say " be prepared for the frequent power cuts to resume for hours."

Nothing works, but do expect frustrations and no commitments from authorities. They feed people with the usual WhatsApp lies lies and more lies, while they keep looting what's left.

Today One Saudi Riyal gets you YR 172/- US$ = YR 624.
Who can you feed? Who can you treat ? Who can you educate?
Where is the infrastructure?

I'm sorry for the families, for the poor, The elite have the latest models of 4x4 luxury cars on the worst roads you can imagine.
I'm now getting more pessimistic on the state of Hadhramaut and the other provinces than ever before. Most of those who have a say and appointed to positions by  government or local authorities. Are illiterates, corrupt and represent militias, tribes/clans or parties. How can the International or regional powers entrust the country to such individuals who are unrepresentative of the people.

Those who are fairly well to do, have been flocking to Oman to set up shop and move their families.

This applies to most Yemenis in KSA, affected by the new rules introduced. They are leaving for Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and S.E.Asia.

Riyan Airport is a myth and still not functioning for the public. Only military/security  coalition supplies have the luxury of several weekly flights.They control the situation to suit their whims.

Yemenia has limited flights from Cairo/ Amman/ Jeddah to Seiyun/Aden and very manipulative by extorting from passengers unreasonable fares.
Their flights are fully booked as there is NO competition!!

The country needs  saviors to feed its population and build the devastating situation in the country. This will take years!!

I personally have no faith in the government, the militias or foreign organisations to genuinely do much.

You got to be on the ground to enforce and implement projects that benefit the people.They keep talking and talking in workshops, conferences, forums etc while there is a dying population which needs to be fed and offered medical attention.

Your prayers will help.

MBD: 20/01/2020

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