Yemen: Cyclone Mekunu - Information bulletin

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REPORT from International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

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This bulletin is being issued for information only and reflects the current situation known at this time.

The Situation

Tropical cyclone Mekunu has caused heavy rainfall on the Arabian coast including Socotra island of Yemen. Sustained maximum wind speeds reached 99-106mph (159-209kmph), (India Meteorological Department). Mekunu’s path mainly affected the two Yemeni governorates of Socotra and Al Mahrah.

I. Socotra: Mekunu hit Socotra in the morning of 24th May 2018. By the morning of May 25th, the weather became calm with no rain. Socotra area is 3,796 km2 and the population of Socotra is 60,000.
Hadibu is the capital and the largest city in Socotra.

II. Al-Mahrah: Mekunu hit Al-Mahrah in the first hours of 26th of May. AlMahrah area is 122,500 km2 and it has two international borders with both Oman and Saudi Arabia. The population is around 400,000 and Al Ghaydah is the capital of AlMahrah.


I. Socotra: 550 families in Hadibu and 53 families in Qalansiyah were evacuated to schools, mosques, government buildings and relatives’ houses. Seven people died and 8 sailors are still missing. Livelihoods are greatly affected since most of the people are sailors and farmers. Many sailors lost their ships, and mudslides ran over many farms. In addition, electric power and telecommunications are down in many areas around the island. Five houses were damaged and some other houses were partly damaged. The governorate infrastructures have many problems, including damaged roads, out of service sewage system and insufficient drinking water. The government authorities announced Socotra as a disaster area calling for help and interventions. So far, Socotra is the most affected Yemeni governorate by cyclone Mekunu.

II. Al-Mahrah: Mekunu cyclone hit Al-Maharah in the early hours of 26 May for a few hours. Eight people were injured in Hawf and flash floods impacted some buildings, such as Surfeit port office. Haswayn school, Khawlah school and the old building of customs are partly damaged. Agricultural equipment, harvesters and warehouses are damaged in Al Gaydah. Strong winds speeded the crawling sands covering the road connecting between Hadramout and Al-Maharah. Two ships sank in AlGaydah and Al-Ebri health centre is out of service due to lack of medical supplies. Although some telecommunications’ towers are damaged, the maintenance teams succeeded to bring some of the network back online in some areas of Hawf (small city next to Omani borders) and its neighbouring area.


I. Socotra: Evacuated and affected people are in need of NFIs, food baskets, shelters, drinking water, medical supply and first aid kits.

II. Al-Mahrah: Similar to Socotra, people in Al-Mahrah are in need NFIs, food baskets, shelters, drinking water, medical supply and first aid kits

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