Yemen PM: Keep supporting AbduRabou until Allah finds an end to Yemen’s current crisis

National Yemen

By Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar – Yemen Prime Minister

Keep AbduRabou or Greeting AbdulMalik

Now that you have returned, you have national responsibilities in front of you with many considerations. You are partners in maintaining the stability in Aden. The security of Aden has importance of which we have been paying attention to for a long time. You have become partners in these hours, like you always have been. The lives of people are moving slowly towards a better situation, and you are interested in this continuity. The same matter is necessary for others in the same level.

No owner of weapons, money, men or support can evade responsibility in maintaining Aden’s security. Everyone at this critical juncture is responsible to the citizens in Aden, and in charge of the security of citizens in Lahj, Abyan, Al-Dhalea and the security of Yemen in general. Feelings are inflamed, and there are some who do not realize the danger of this situation. The Houthi and Saleh enemies are instigating the clashes between the two traditional conflicting parties.

Hostility and hate have been brought back once again, and more awfully than before. The conflict of influence in Aden is reaching its peak, Yes, conflict of influence. A new round of ridiculous conflict is being prepared; either you help to end it or you become its tools and victims. Do not engage in destruction except for ignorance, only who lose their minds put oil on fire, and don’t forget that everyone is at war against terrorism.

Why is there conflict of influence in Aden while there’s a possibility of obtaining partnerships and agreeing on disputed interests? Al-Dhalea has the right to have a presence in Aden, as well as practice authority. Abyan has the same rights, as well as the forgotten people of Aden and arrivals from other governorates and districts.

The same matter is applicable for wealth. Partnerships and respect for others’ interests have value for those who have been hit by warfare. There is no doubt that leaving the circle of violence is what will grant Aden the future that we hope for. There must be reconsiderations for common interests. Managing interests with others is one thing, and excluding them is something else entirely.

Let us read some details of the situation. Whenever you weaken legitimacy in Aden or detract from the elected president, whenever you pave the road for the return of Houthi-Saleh militias as winners, you will be serving the enemy of the nation and Tehran can win the war in Yemen without one bullet being fired. The Houthis and Saleh are 150 kilometers away from Aden, and they still have some power to fight. There is no excuse for those who haven’t learned from the past.

Rationalize your next Friday’s service and forbid reckless people from provoking others. Keep the blood, protect the souls and accept the differences. Keep supporting AbduRabou until Allah finds an end to Yemen’s current crisis. He is the only remaining in a dismantled community that has lost much of its safety and security. Slow down until the coalition and the legitimate government obtain their anticipated target from the storm or anticipate AbdulMalik knocking on doors.

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