Heritage Destroyed

The blood-soaked political battle to take control of Yemen goes beyond dead bodies, the wounded, the displaced and destruction of the infrastructure.  Yemen’s rich and irreplaceable Islamic heritage is also under attack.  In the Hadramawt, al-Qaeda has razed one of the many shrines, most under waqf control.  The pictures here are of the  tomb of al-Habib Hamad bin Salih bin Shaykh Abu Bakr bin Salim in the area of Sha’b al-Nur in the directorate of al-Shihr in the province of Hadramawt.  What other important cultural and religious landmarks will also be destroyed as the madness continues?
My thanks to Dr. Mohamed Jarhoum for identifying the shrine, the photos of which were posted on the Internet. http://aiys.org/blog/?p=848

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