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29 August 2014.
The school will be officially inaugurated and opened on 2nd September 2014 at 10.00 am under the patronage of HE Abdularazak Yahya Al Ashwa’l, Minister of Education, HE Dr Saadaladdin Bin Talib, Minister of Industry & Trade and The Governor of Hadhramaut Mr Khalid Said Al Dainy. The event will be held at the school’s premises, West of Al Dhiafa Area, Siteen (Corniche) Street near Dhul Nurein Mosque. A full programme will be in place and all dignitaries and guests will get together for the function at this very historic moment in Hadhramaut.
HIS is the first ever IGCSE school in Hadhramaut established to cater from early age learning to the secondary level. The premises are purpose built to very high standards with high tech facilities including an indoor playground.
We have brought our qualified English staff from Kenya under the Principal’s (Mr Mohamed Ali Omar Banafa) leadership and guidance.We also have our qualified local Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies teachers ready to offer the best of the British IGCSE system of education starting on 7 September 2014 (the beginning of the school year).
Due to the high demand in student registration (with a fair number of Yemeni/Hadhrami students of emigrants in the Gulf states) we have added an extra Year 5 class.
We also propose to start evening classes for adults English language and IT (Computer) studies. Before the end of this year.
We welcome all our friends and visiting delegations to visit the school when in Mukalla for a viewing.
We wish Hadhramaut all success in its endeavours for the future of its young generation.
Muhammad Bin-Dohry.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
It is indeed a great pleasure to announce the establishment of the Hadhramaut International Schools(H I S) in Mukalla. We hold a Commercial Registration No:5734 issued in Sana’a on 17/2/2014 by the Ministry of Industry & Trade. The school will open its doors to students in September 2014, enquiries are already being received locally and from the diaspora on enrolling children in the school.
This initiative was a well studied exercise by Sayyid Mohsen Ali Al Mehdhar, Mr Abdulrahman Mansour Balbhaith and Mr Muhammad Mbarak Bin-Dohry who are the Board of Trustees with the help and assistance of others. The process started about 2 years ago for this new venture, HIS is the first ever of its kind in Hadhramaut. It will be based on the English medium of education – IGCSE qualifications which are recognised around the world, we are currently undergoing the process of registration of the school and recognition through the Cambridge International Examinations (UK) and the British Council, Sana’a.
We will maintain high standards at nominal fees for students with the support of our local stakeholders who have put education in the forefront of this venture mainly to serve the community at large. We will maintain high discipline, good manners. This investment is to produce a talented, intelligent, honest and well behaved generation.
The school will aim to provide passionate and dedicated diverse group of educators driven to keep HIS at the forefront of local and international education while still maintaining its school feel and strong sense of community and culture.
It will offer a model school of excellence at Kindergarten, Primary and gradually growing to Secondary levels of education:
Early Learning Foundation Stage Ages 4-5 Kindergarten
Primary Key stage 1 Ages 5-7 YEARS 1 & 2
Primary Key stage 2 Ages 7-10 YEARS 3 & 5, followed by Years 5 & 6 (ages 10-11 old) the following year.
Parents will be responsible and required to pay for the child’s fees,their transportation to and from school,plus uniform at a designated tailor agreed by the school’s administration, in Mukalla .They will also provide and pay for their school text books.
Further details can be received directly from the school when registration starts in June/July 2014.
Any information relating to the school can be directed by email to Mr Muhammad Bin-Dohry (Chairman, Board of Trustees) Email: bindohry@hotmail.com or visit the school’s website:http://www.hadhramautinternationalschools.com/
LOCATION OF THE SCHOOL: Off Siteen Street , Near Masjid Dhu Al Nurein ,Al Dhiaffa Area.Mukalla, Hadhramaut.Yemen

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